About Fleet 360

Here at Fleet360, we bring a deep background of working with vehicles and vehicle-related issues. Both as suppliers and customers.


We saw that gaining total control over one's own vehicle situation - and managing all the necessary steps - required unsustainable manual processes. 

Based on this, we saw a need for a system that could fulfill two main purposes.

Fleet 360's main objectives: Simplify and automate all everyday steps

It’s a solution for collecting all vehicle-related data on one platform. Analyze usage, emissions and costs individually or collectively.

The founders saw that this was a winning value proposition for customers. Both in terms of time and cost savings.


Today, Fleet 360 is a complete system for managing vehicles, machines and tools. The system manages over 21,000 valuable objects for customers in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Slovakia, the USA, and Mexico.

Since January 2022, Fleet 360 is also a part of Mainport: www.mainport.se