Managing your fleet

Your Company´s fleet-based questions are:

The CRM-Fleet

  • Authorisation
  • Fleet Card
  • Entire fleet overview
  • Your vehicle packaged deal needs
  • Decide your own access levels
  • HR Staff / Regional Head Fleet Manager
  • Division Head / Regional Head
  • Driver


  • At this Fleet-hub: the daily business is handled
  • Here we provide direct communication with your fleet suppliers
  • Authorisation: Decide your own access levels
  • Open search function
  • Actual cost breakdown
  • Inspection date
  • Current fleet models
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Quick and easy export to excel and other alternatives
  • Available to all service providers
  • Up-dated fleet Info on your requests
  • Current info about each supplier
  • Latest Fleet info up-dates
  • The Fleet Marketplace
  • Internal messaging
  • Discrepansies
  • Intergration
  • Re-allocate and optimise your fleet
  • Optimize your carpark and use your fleet to the best. Avoid early terminations.
  • Easy, secure management of your internal messaging.
  • Inbox
  • Outbox
  • Our system is automatically updated so you see any important changes.
  • Driving ban
  • Adding new vehicles
  • A terminated vehicle
  • Fleet Manager Operations
    – We assume complete control as Fleet Manager Operator
  • Contact with Suppliers
    – Our guarantee is a continuous and integrated vehicle review to offer the best package rate

How can you get the ball rolling

Who we are

We the developers of Fleet 360 have a long track record in dealing with company’s like your own fleet-related question and we take on the day-to-day business responsibilities…

We have made it our business to help meet the daily questions and challenges that occur in managing your fleet.

Fleet 360 is built around this strategy. Feel free to contact us so we can show how Fleet 360 can ease your fleet-life issues.